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Tankstore Yard

About Us

We Specialize in the Manufacture of Oilfield Storage Tanks

Tankstore Ltd. is a privately owned company established in 2001. All the partners have many years of background experience in the oil and gas industry. This knowledge has been incorporated into the design of our products, making them very functional and operator-friendly.

Employees play a very important role in any company. All of our employees are local, living within 20 miles of our plant. Tankstore Ltd. has a very low staff turnover rate and many of our employees have been with us since the beginning.

Our Mission Statement

Tankstore is committed to providing cost-effective technologically superior products for customers at a profit.

Through ethical, responsive, and profitable actions our company will provide a safe and fulfilling work environment for our employees as well as excellent products and services for our customers while maintaining strength and support in the community.

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Tankstore Ltd holds a current Certificate of Recognition, we are committed to a proactive health and safety program aimed at protecting our staff, our property and our clients, as well as the general public and the environment from injury, loss or damages.

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